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A Brief Overview to Fire OG Strain

Fire OG could be the perfect strain for you if you’re looking for a classic evening cannabis strain. The hybrid is said to have been created in the 1990s in southern California.

Fire OG Strain is best suited to experienced cannabis consumers due to its rather high THC concentration. Moreover, you’ll get your money’s worth with Fire OG cannabis since the high can last up to three hours. And, thanks to the high THC concentration, a little goes a long way, making you and your wallet happy.

Keep on reading our Fire OG overview to learn more about this blazing’ hot strain.

The Basics of The Fire OG Strain

The OG Kush family’s most potent strain, Fire OG, is considered the most potent. It’s a hybrid between San Fernando Valley OG Kush and OG Kush, two strong and well-known OG strains.

The original Fire OG strain is thought to have been bred in the San Fernando Valley in the 1990s. Its exact roots, though, aren’t known for certain. Fire OG is genetically classified as an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a 70:30 indica:sativa ratio.

The effects of Fire OG Strain are cerebral, euphoric, and uplifting at first. They’re frequently accompanied by a state of couch-lock and total body and mind relaxation. On the other hand, the later effects of Fire OG are more sedative.

The Aroma of The Fire OG Strain

Fire OG Strain is as soothing for the senses as a day spent soaking up endless amounts of LA sunshine, reeking of fresh citrus fruits, and an earthy wholeness.

The Flavor of The Fire OG Strain

The flavor of Fire OG will take your taste buds on a wild ride, with hints of spiciness and lemony citrus. The tastes of this strain are spicy and earthy, with touches of pine and herbs.

Medical Advantages of Fire OG Strain

Fire OG Feminized’s all-encompassing, quick-hitting body and brain high has won this hybrid a devoted fan base among therapeutic users for various physical and psychological illnesses.

Fire OG may help alleviate the symptoms of a range of illnesses, symptoms, and ailments due to its potent effects. Chronic stress, depression, sleeplessness, and anxiety are among the conditions that Fire OG users say it helps address.

The euphoric properties of Fire OG may provide brief comfort for medicinal users suffering from depression. People with persistent stress and anxiety may benefit from this strain’s indica genetics, which produces profound calm.

Consumers who use Fire OG say it helps deal with chronic pain, migraines, and joint pain. In its later phases, this strain offers soporific effects, which may benefit those who have insomnia.

According to medicinal consumers, Fire OG Strain also has antiemetic qualities, which might make it beneficial for nausea relief.

Wrapping Up

The OG Kush family’s most potent strain, Fire OG, is widely considered to be the most potent. To grow your very own Fire OG Strain, you can buy the feminized seeds on Seed Supreme.