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How to Find a Reputable Consultant Ophthalmologist in Dubai?

A consultant ophthalmologist in Dubai is a medical professional who deals with a patient’s eye-related conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, eye injuries and infections, etc. They manage patients of all ages who are suffering from acute and long-term eye conditions. 

Today we will focus on who is a consultant ophthalmologist in Dubai and how to find a reputed consultant ophthalmologist in Dubai

Who is a consultant ophthalmologist in Dubai?

A consultant ophthalmologist is a profession where both medicine and surgery blend and help treat the patients. They work in hospitals, operation theatres and with modern equipment that helps diagnose and treat eye’s issues.

They take the patient’s medical and psychological aspects and suggest the best care. They also go on rounds and work in teams with other professionals such as optometrists, nurses and orthoptists. 

After performing the surgery, they educate the patients on what needs to be done to take good care of their health. The Ophthalmologist will also issue certificates to patients who are partially or fully blind. 

How to find a reputable consultant ophthalmologist in Dubai?

Since eyes are the window to the soul, eye doctors are the professionals who ensure there is nothing wrong with your eyes. It surprises many patients when their consultant ophthalmologist in Dubai uncovers a condition their general physician failed to identify. 

Hence choosing the right consultant Ophthalmologist in Dubai is very important, and it should not be taken lightly. Therefore, keep these points in mind when you’re searching for a consultant ophthalmologist in Dubai

1- Choose an Ophthalmologist of your same gender

The most crucial aspect of choosing an Ophthalmologist is that you should be comfortable talking with the doctor. Some people do not feel very comfortable talking about their problems with an opposite-gender doctor. 

Moreover, an Ophthalmologist is skilled in treating men and women differently. Hence also consider gender and choose the Ophthalmologist with whom you’re comfortable sharing your problem. 

2- Ask for referrals

Get referrals from your friends and family about the best consultant ophthalmologist in Dubai. They will provide you with proper professionals who have helped them treat their eye-related problems. 

Take your time and research the doctor’s experience. This will help you to get to know your doctor better. Since you’ll have multiple suggestions, research about everyone and then consult with the doctor you feel is the ideal choice. 

3- Research if anyone is a specialist in your condition

Since ophthalmology is a wide medical field, some doctors have done specialization in certain areas. To put it in simple terms, it is a speciality within a speciality. These specialist doctors are well-aware of the conditions related to the problem you’re facing and will prioritize your condition as per your health. 

For example, there are some Ophthalmologist who specialize in treating only glaucoma and cataract. In comparison, others are specialists in performing LASIK surgeries. Hence when you find a professional who specializes in your condition, you can be assured you will be given the best treatment. 

4- Take into account their experience

Experience matters the most when you’re looking for a professional Ophthalmologist. The more experienced the doctor is, the better will be the diagnosis and treatment options. 

You can ask the hospital or the Ophthalmologist themselves some questions. These include; how many patients with the same condition have been treated by the doctor, how many surgeries the doctor performed, and figure out the complications rate. This will help you understand how good and experienced the doctor is.

Bottom line

You can contact Dr. Mustafa at Eye Surgeon for any eye-related issues. You will get total support for treatment of these issues with us.