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Alternative Affordable Health Insurance for Lehi Families

Lehi doctors are moving from traditional insurance-run to direct primary care, an alternative to health insurance. Direct primary care memberships allow for unlimited visits per month and are usually between $25 and $85 per person. It is cheaper than traditional coverage. Some plans cover routine lab tests and prescriptions. Do you want to be able to afford quality healthcare at an affordable price? Do you want to struggle to afford your monthly premiums? Every Lehi family needs to evaluate their healthcare and decide if direct primary care is right for them.

Direct primary care doesn’t accept any coverage. Because there are no restrictions coming from the company, doctors can spend as much time as they need to provide health care. Also, doctors can communicate with patients outside of the regular visits or office hours. This alternative healthcare model encourages price transparency. Doctors can provide you with excellent care and inform you of the costs associated with any care that is not covered by the alternative direct primary care membership.

Traditional hospitals have doctors report to the coverage company what the patient requires in terms of medical assistance. The health insurance company determines what is important but companies are not doctors and aren’t qualified to be making these decisions. Besides, who are they to decide whether you can or can’t have a procedure done? No one. However, health insurance is a business and cannot pay for all the services a patient might need. The result is that there is often a disconnect between doctors and health insurance companies. This can be frustrating to Lehi doctors who want to provide the best care possible for their patients. Alternative insurance is recommended to avoid this issue.

Zenith Direct Care of Lehi offers four alternative memberships for primary care based on age. Every alternative membership is unlimited in visits and much cheaper than traditional health insurance. Direct primary care can be an affordable alternative option for families that don’t need the full coverage offered by monthly premiums. Zenith Direct Care operates three locations in Utah. Patients can talk to their primary care physician anytime they wish, for as long or little time as they like. Patients can only communicate with their doctor for 25 minutes in a hospital. Direct primary care clinics don’t accept coverage payments. This would mean that the doctor must work with the health insurance company in order to determine what treatment the patient can afford. Direct primary care doctors care for their patients in a way that suits them. Direct primary care doctors do not allow coverage companies to dictate what tests and procedures patients can have. The doctors don’t work with health insurance companies to determine a treatment plan. This allows them to focus solely on each patient and give as much attention as they can to their needs. You can find more information at or call 801-676-66161.

Zenith Direct Care offers affordable alternative health insurance to Lehi families. Pay less than your premium by signing up to one of four memberships.