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Back pain: 3 causes that do not go your mind

Pain is one of the ways your body uses it to tell you that something is wrong. When it concerns back pain high point nc, the cause can be something obvious, such as an injury or the effort you made to lift something heavy, but also something that your mind does not even go to.

Here are 4 things that are probably related to back pain:

Excessive stress

Stress causes tightness of the muscles and “knots” in the neck and back that are manifested by pain. Excessive stress and anxiety can also cause convulsions in the back. Do not neglect it because the pain will get worse. If you believe that back pain is due to your stress, try some relaxation techniques (such as meditation or deep breathing). Studies have shown that yoga can provide relief from back pain as well as eating the right foods that fight with anxiety.

Addiction to technology

If you are on the phone all day or over a tablet, it is very likely that you will damage your spine. Looking at your cell phone is like lifting a weight of almost 30kg (27.2kg, to be exact) with your neck, according to the director of the spine surgery department at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj.

According to her, when you bend over to read on your phone or tablet, it is equivalent to an eight-year-old child sitting on your head, which is not at all good for your health! The correct posture is one in which the ears are aligned with the shoulders, while the shoulders are backwards. This posture reduces strain on the body and reduces cortisol secretion.

The solution is to hold the phone in front of you and not down. Place your tablet at a 30-degree inclination when typing to protect your wrists as well. When reading to keep your head upright, an attitude that limits the weight in the cervical spine to 4.5kg-5.7kg (10lbs-12lps).

Poor posture

As with the use of technology products, the way you sit can put a strain on your spine. Poor posture can cause back pain, due to the pressure exerted on the bones, joints and intervertebral discs.

If you are doing office work make sure your feet rest on the ground when you sit, your knees are at the same height or lower than your hips, the lower part of your waist is fully supported by the back of the chair, your shoulders are perishable to the ground and your back straight.

The height of the table should reach up to your elbows when you are sitting and the computer screen you may be using should reach up to the height of your eyes.

We recently stumbled upon a do it your own at home program called My Back Pain Coach. The program offers videos and ebooks on how to stop back pain at home by utilizing easy to learn and perform exercises. According to this review the program is a must have.

Weak muscles

In our body everything is intertwined, so the back pain can be due to a muscle imbalance that we all have pretty much from various habits of everyday life. For example, if the muscles on one side of a joint are stronger than the muscles of the opposite side, the body tends to be drawn in the direction of the stronger muscles. Talk to a specialist who can guide you on strengthening muscles and achieving balance or get back pain treatment new canaan ct.