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Everything About Microneedling – Working, Benefits, Side Effects, Cost, And More


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or microneedling is one of the popular cosmetic treatment procedures. It helps to combat various skin issues from acne, aging skins to hyperpigmentation. This procedure became popular throughout the world as it helps with skin issues and gives radiant skin.

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How CIT works?

In this procedure, a pen or wand with stainless steel micro-needles is affixed in the skin – to make puncture. By this, the body produces collagen and sends them to repair the skin and boost its health and strength.

This procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes, and topical anesthesia is applied to the particular area. You have to undergo multiple sessions to achieve effective results. These sessions are scheduled month’s space. In each session, needles are inserted deep into the skin to make it thicker and withstand a deep penetration.


CIT gives glowing skin as this procedure boosts your skin even several months after the procedure. 

The following are few benefits of CIT. They are:

  • Increases production of collagen

An increase in the production of collagen is the major benefit of CIT. Collagen helps to combat wrinkles and other aging signs and makes your skin look young.

  • Shrinks pores

Although CIT involves punching needles into the skin, it won’t increase the size of the pores. The truth is, the collagen in the region of pores is triggered and makes them look small.

  • Reduces rosacea

CIT also helps with the symptoms of rosacea, like skin thickening and ruddiness. People with rosacea will experience a reduction in collagen levels. CIT stimulates the production of collagen and makes the skin look less irritated and inflamed.

In addition to the above, CIT helps with sun damage, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, uneven texture and skin tone, and many others.

Side effects

The side-effects of CIT are less compared to other treatment methods. According to a study published in 2017, CIT can cause mild irritation or redness a few days following the procedure because of skin recovery. Also, your skin may feel sensitive, dry, tight, and swollen. However, redness will disappear after 3 days.


The effects of CIT are quick compared to treatments like chemical peel and laser. You can have glowing skin within 24 to 72 hours after the treatment.

The right person for CIT

CIT is a safe treatment, but pregnant women and those with skin diseases, poor wound healing, or scarring history have to stay away from it. Also, those with open wounds or infections have to wait until they heal.

Cost of CIT

Generally, this procedure is done at the office of a dermatologist. The cost varies from $100 to $700 based on the area of the skin. Neck, arms, legs, face, and décolletage are the ideal parts for this procedure.

To enjoy the benefits of CIT, choose the best clinic that offers the best treatment methods and book your appointment today.