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Tooth Hemisection: Indications and Benefits in San Jose 

What is Tooth Hemisection? 

Tooth hemisection is a form of surgery in which one root of a multi-rooted tooth, such as a molar, and the related crown part are surgically removed, while the rest of the tooth is preserved as explained by a San Jose dentist. The procedure allows the patient to maintain most of the tooth while removing only the portion of the tooth and root canal that is causing the problem. In this article, we will review the benefits and indications of tooth hemisection.

Tooth Hemisection Indications

Tooth hemisection is a surgical method used to treat multi-rooted tooth defects and ailments affecting only one root and the associated part of the dental structure. The rest of the tooth may be maintained and preserved for function and aesthetics in this manner. 

The following are instances where tooth hemisections might be the best choice for repairing a multi-rooted tooth:

Periodontal Disorder that has been localized: Using tooth hemisection may always be a better alternative when a multi-rooted tooth has developed severe periodontitis in one of its roots. 

Endodontic difficulties: A root infection or another issue can be addressed while the rest of a multi-rooted tooth is cared for and sealed. 

Fractures in the root: You may be able to sever the damaged root and save the damaged tooth if any therapy is required if you crack a multi-rooted tooth. 

Tooth Hemisection Dental Benefits 

1. Structure of Natural Teeth that have been protected: Hemisection assures the retained part’s roots are removed and replaced to excise only the damaged teeth. 

2. Periodontitis: Whenever patients have local periodontitis, hemisection removes the PDL and encourages the roots to regrow the more extensive periodontitis. 

3. Recovery: Using the affected tooth or teeth section, you could regenerate the patient’s quality of life by restoring healthy chewing and normalcy in hemisection 

4. Cost-Effective: If the patient is content with prosthetic and therapeutic outcomes, criteria for tooth elimination and substitution induction are required compared to implants or scope replacement under crowns. 

Tooth hemisection is a needed dental treatment technique that provides a conservative but useful method for preserving teeth with localized issues but with multiple roots. By eliminating just the worsened portion of a multi-rooted tooth, hemisection enables the rest of a multi-rooted tooth to just be maintained while maintaining imbalanced dentition. If you believe you might benefit from tooth hemisection, talk with your dentist about the therapy and what you might anticipate.