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Trust Family Dental Care As Your Oral Surgeon In Ottowa

Trust Family Dental Care As Your Oral Surgeon In Ottowa

Some people may think that oral surgery is not as important as other forms of surgery and that dental issues can be resolved with medication. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth, and many people suffer from prolonged dental issues that cause significant pain and discomfort. Impacted teeth, for example, is like having an object lodged in your jawbone that you cannot get it. It can be extremely painful and cause swelling, infection and complications beneath the gumline. In addition, it may make oral hygiene painful, so tartar build-up and bad breath become more evident. Yes, there may be some temporary relief from OTC medications, but you will ultimately need the services of an oral surgeon in Ottowa. Oral surgeons can successfully identify and rectify issues with your teeth and gums and provide effective relief from pain and discomfort. 

We use our mouths every day to eat and communicate, so proper oral care is necessary for everyday functionality. family dental plymouth in offers a wide range of oral surgery procedures that can be performed in the dental office as advancements in technology, anesthesia, and the expertise of dental surgeons allow for easy and seamless procedures.

The Fear Of Pain

Pain is a common fear for many people, and it may be the only thing stopping you from making an appointment with an oral surgeon in Ottowa. Unfortunately, many people will choose to live with discomfort rather than to face their fears, but the complications are far more severe when the issue is left untreated. The common misconception around oral surgery is that it is incredibly painful, and many people have images of dentists drilling through teeth while the patient is awake and aware. We understand how our imaginations can run wild when fueled by fear, but there have been significant advancements in the dentistry industry that now provide virtually painless procedures for dental patients. Procedures like root canals or even laser treatments can be done in your dentist’s office as procedures have become minimally invasive and quickly executed for minimized discomfort. 

So, if you have a dental issue and know you need dental surgery, but are delaying a consultation because of fear, take a step of courage and make a booking with an oral surgeon in Ottowa. Once you have been assured and understand how the procedure works, you will be kicking yourself for not getting it done sooner!

Common Dental Surgery Procedures

There are many reasons you may need dental surgery, some more serious than others, but they are all important for maximized oral health and comfort. Take a look at these common dental surgery procedures and why they are important:

  • Extraction – the most common reason for extraction is because of impacted or overcrowded teeth. An impacted tooth may cause damage to neighbouring teeth, such as cavities, and may produce an abscess or excessive swelling and infection. In addition, you may experience periodontal disease as a result of impacted teeth. 
  • Root canal – hyper-sensitivity and extreme pain can be relieved, and infections in the tooth’s pulp are treated so patients can live comfortably just one to two days after the procedure. 
  • Laser treatment – lasers are used to remove tooth decay and eliminate gum disease. In addition, gums can be reshaped and remove bacteria during root canal procedures. 

Although all of these procedures sound wrenching, advancements in anesthesia and procedure efficiency significantly improve the length of the procedure and the recovery time for patients. 

Family Dental Care provides professional services to its patients and promotes oral hygiene and care through its knowledge, expertise and industry passion. If you need an oral surgeon in Ottowa, look no further than Family Dental Care, and contact us today to schedule a consultation.