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Ultimate Guide of Marijuana Edibles for First-Time Users

The wild world of cannabis edibles is massive and will continue growing. Examples of marijuana edibles include drinks, dissolvable tablets, capsules, mints, gummies, cookies, brownies, and hard candies.

While exploring these options might be an exciting adventure, edibles can sometimes be intimidating because their effects last longer than when inhaling weed.

Plus, when you ingest edibles, there is no going back. So, if you’re a first-time consumer, this guide is meant for you.

How Edibles Work

Rather than absorbing THC and CBD through your lungs, you will absorb active ingredients in your body through the digestive tract.

In other words, THC and CBD are digested, broken down, and get metabolized in your liver. According to cannabis professionals at liberty health sciences dispensary in St Augustine, active ingredients will be transported to your central nervous system and brain through the bloodstream to give you the desired effect.

The Period Edibles Take to Kick In

Budtenders at the best dispensary near St Augustine Beach recommend first-time users to take caution when using cannabis edibles. Taking edibles is entirely a different experience from vaping or smoking that tends to show effects within a few minutes.

Generally, edibles may take around one hour to kick in. Though for some consumers, edibles may take more than one hour. In the real sense, you cannot really tell unless you try several edibles.

Products like lozenges, lollipops, and THC gums work faster since you will absorb them sublingually. However, a few factors affect the onset time of cannabis edibles, including:

  • Diet
  • Metabolism
  • Bodyweight
  • Gender
  • Cannabis tolerance

Is it Possible to Overdose?

Although it has never been reported that someone died because of overdosing on cannabis edibles, ingesting too much will result in an unpleasant evening.

Taking a whole marijuana-infused cookie might seem like a great idea, but mostly, one product can be regarded as three or more doses.

Handling Overdosing

While dosing marijuana edibles might be tricky, especially when you’re still learning how you react to THC, it’s advisable to taste and wait for effects to kick in. 

However, if you mistakenly overindulge cannabis-infused cookies, there are several ways to ease down negative effects. Some of these ways include:

  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Finding a comfortable space to sleep and rest
  • Taking lemonade
  • Eating foodstuffs rich in high carbs and sugar

Health Benefits

Marijuana edibles offer similar benefits as other types of cannabis. Many individuals ingest edibles to attain certain effects, like relaxation and treat health conditions, including chronic pain.

Normally, the effects of cannabis edibles solely depend on the dosage you take. That means when you increase the dosage, the effects will also increase.

Though taking too much can result in adverse effects, like vomiting and nausea. This makes it necessary to take the right dose so as to be able to:

  • Handle anxiety
  • Control muscle spasm
  • Deal with antiseizure effects

The Takeaway!

Edible marijuana products provide different benefits, including alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and chronic illnesses.

Based on the state or country you live in, you will be able to do cannabis conversion for recreational and medicinal purposes legally.

But make sure you get your products from reputable and licensed dispensaries, which sell cannabis tested for potency as well as purity.