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Sprained Ankle

Ways To Keep Sprained Ankle from Becoming Chronic Instability

A sprain, for instance, is a common ankle injury. This can happen if you twist or turn your ankle in the wrong direction, causing ligament damage. It can lead to persistent ankle instability if not addressed effectively. Thus, most people think that it can heal independently when this happens. But that’s not true and right. It is important to see an orthopedic specialist avoid any long-term injuries. You may also visit a sprained ankle in Marietta specialists.

Moreover, it can occur whether you walk, jump, run, or even move your feet. Also, a study has shown that most people opt for a pain killer spray whenever a sprain occurs in the ankle. Thus, it will give only short-term relaxation from the pain but no long-term relaxation. Hence, you must know about its symptoms, causes, and precautions. In this article, all of them are mentioned below.

Symptoms Of Sprained Ankle

The most common symptom of sprained ankle is pain. You’ll probably feel mild to severe soreness just after an accident, and you might have problems walking. A sprained ankle frequently causes prolonged pain that does not go away within a few hours or a few days. Hence, below are some of the symptoms of the strained ankle.

  • Swelling in the ankle joint
  • Facing difficulties in rotating and bending the foot
  • Instability
  • Bruising
  • Discolouration
  • Numbness
  • Tenderness
  • Popping sounds

Causes Of Sprained Ankle

A sprain can occur anytime. Thus, it normally occurs when your ankle is forced to change from normal. Other than this, it also occurs due to the stretch in the ankle’s ligaments. However, some of the main causes of a sprained ankle are mentioned below.

  • When you fall, it may cause your ankle to twist. Hence, a sprained ankle occurs.
  • After jumping or running, your ankle twists which cause a sprained ankle.
  • While walking or exercising, sprained ankles can also occur.
  • Another person who steps on your foot during physical activity.

Precautions For Preventing Sprained Ankle

So, foot Injuries you shouldn’t treat yourself: when to call the Foot Doctor is important. To prevent the sprained ankle from occurring, you may follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Proper warm-up before exercising or doing any physical activities.
  • Walk or run carefully.
  • Wear fitted shoes.
  • Less wearing of high-heeled shoes.
  • The balance between flexibility and strength.

The Bottom Line

Whenever there is a sprained ankle, it is recommended to rest properly. Also, do not put much stress on your foot. Thus, make sure to visit a doctor or a specialist at the right time. Hence, ensure to follow all the precautions carefully.