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What Is Intergenerational Trauma, Its Effects And Symptoms?

Trauma is nothing but something that happens to anyone regardless of their race, sex, culture, lineage, etc. More students are from different cultures with extreme violence, persecution, etc. Many children in these world present behaviours like depression and severe anxiety and do not attend residential schools. Intergenerational trauma refers to trauma passed from trauma survivors to their descendants. It also has other names like Trans generational trauma. If you are seeking help for yourself or someone you know, check out trauma treatment for youth salt lake city ut for more details.

What Is To Know About Trauma Response And Its Effects?

If anyone lives with chronic stress or lives through a traumatic event, specific responses activated to help you survive are known as the trauma responses. These responses are helpful for a person to get short-term survival being in that survival mode. It is also harmful to both physical and mental health in the long term. The main effects of intergenerational trauma indigenous are:

  • Poor physical health
  • Mental health problems
  • Addiction
  • Incarceration
  • Domestic violence
  • Self-harm
  • suicide 

Why Did They Start The Residential Schools In Canada?

The life of the indigenous people in Canada is complicated and tragic. They have to face countless forms of abuse, discrimination and cultural erasure. The Canadian government and various Christian and catholic churches created 130 residential schools for indigenous children. These schools’ primary purpose and goal are to eliminate the indigenous cultures and assimilate indigenous children into Canadian society. 

How Can Trauma Affect The Future Generation And Its Symptoms?

The kids whose parents have experienced trauma are more likely to grow up with an unstable, emotionally distant or anxious parent. These parenting behaviours may also contribute to trauma passed down to another generation.

The symptoms of intergenerational trauma indigenous include denial, depersonalization, isolation, memory loss, nightmares and psychic numbing. Some other symptoms include hypervigilance, substance abuse, identification with the death and unresolved grief.