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Lap Band Surgery After Gastric Bypass
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All You Need to Know About Lap Band Surgery After Gastric Bypass

There are umpteen ways to lose weight when it comes to weight loss, from exercises, dieting, pills to weight-loss surgical procedures. But the success rate of each way differs from the other. When we talk of bariatric surgical procedures, the Majority of the patients undergo gastric bypass surgery and successfully lose weight as well. However, eventually, they begin to regain the weight they lost, which acts as a setback to their health goals.

Causes of Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass

After some time, the patients who lose weight after the gastric bypass surgery begin to regain their excess weight after a few years. The reasons behind that could be dilatation, stretching of the gastric pouch and more. These issues cause the patients to lose the feeling of fullness, and thus they start getting back to their old eating habits. The rate of failure in case of gastric bypass surgery has been around 10-20%.

In that case, lap band surgery in phoenix acts as an effective re-start weight loss option after your gastric bypass surgery. For all the patients who experience weight gain post gastric bypass surgery, the revision lap band surgery helps the patient lose weight again. A lap band surgery in phoenix is a great option to overcome the regained weight after your gastric bypass surgery.

Effectiveness of Lap Band Surgery

The lap band surgery promotes weight loss by helping the body to feel full because the size of the stomach gets reduced post this surgery. The band is filled with saline, and the restriction of the band is regulated with the addition or removal of the saline. This surgery is also helpful to help the individual continue losing weight.

Lap band surgery is also one of the safest and most effective revision bariatric options for a patient who has a failed result with gastric bypass surgery. The best part of this surgery can also be reversed by just removing the band that has been placed in your gut.

Now, if you had gastric bypass surgery and started gaining weight that you lost, then lap band surgery over bypass can be pretty beneficial for you. However, revision surgery can be riskier than the original procedure. Consult your bariatric surgeon before making any final decision. Bariatric procedures are expensive so clear your doubts. When does insurance cover revision surgery? And then go for your revision bariatric procedure.