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Dosing Tips for Medical Cannabis Patients

Marijuana is a favorite treatment option for many patients. Its legalization in most states has led to its popularity for the treatment of multiple chronic infections. The use of the cannabis plant can be traced to many decades back, and dosing has always been a hot debate. Nevertheless, improper doses can lead to adverse health effects. And an understanding of proper dosage goes a long way.

 Here are tips for dosing medical cannabis products:

1. Low does are always best!

You may be tempted to take more doses to alleviate the disease symptoms. But accredited dispensaries don’t advise patients to do this. Start with minimal amounts, for instance, 1-2 milligrams, and keep increasing the quantity depending on the effects. If you feel dizzy and nauseous, maintain the dose o lower it for some days to determine how your body reacts to the drug. 

Avoid increasing the dosage until the effects subside. An average dose is about 2.5-10 milligrams. When you take lower doses, you experience reduced anxiety, less pain, and minimal side effects.

2. Track the THC content

 Low doses of THC can be easily tolerated and can be more effective. According to a study on cancer patients, those who consumed 21 mg of cannabis sublingual spray experienced significant pain relief than those who received 52 mg of the same product. 

Also, exceeding THC doses above 20-30mg daily can lead to undesirable side effects. Acquire quality products from a pot shop near you and track the THC content. Use low THC does to achieve the same impact. Besides, you don’t have to get high to gain symptom control.

3. Consider oral preparations for chronic ailments& symptoms.

 Oral preparations such as edibles and tinctures are ideal for chronic ailments and symptoms. Dosage adjustment is easier with such products, unlike while inhaling the product. However, understand the conversions to avoid overdosage. For instance, one milliliter is equivalent to 16-20 drops, while 0.25 ml is 4-5 drops. If you’re a beginner, check the product package for instructions in case of different conversions.

 If inhaling the product, start with one inhalation wait for about 15 minutes or more before increasing the dose. Continue with the procedure until you achieve the desired effect. To get different edibles and tinctures in new castle pa, search online, and you’ll come across many legitimate cannabis dispensaries.

4. Use more stimulating THC for daytime use.

 You may require using THC during the day, depending on the extent of your symptoms. In this case, use more stimulating varieties unless you desire to get sedated. The recommended doses are;

  • 2.5 mg once for the first-2nd day
  • 2.5 mg twice daily on the 3rd and 4th day

After this, increase the dosage depending on your tolerance and don’t exceed 20-30 mg per day. In case of adverse side effects, use CBD to balance the THC effects. CBD dominant strains have minimal side effects and can be very beneficial.


 Proper dosage is critical when using marijuana products. Too high amounts of THC can cause adverse side effects, and you can easily avoid this by starting with low doses. For proper dosage, inquire from the budtender at the cannabis dispensary.