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Eyebag Reduction without Undergoing Surgery: Here’s How

The look of tired, old eyes can be a sign of aging or stress. One way to get rid of the bags under your eyes is through non-surgical eyebag reduction treatments. Recently, there have been advances in this area. Now there are effective non-surgical options available for those who want to get rid of their eyebags and look younger.

What are Eyebags?

Eyebags are those little pouches of skin under the eyes. They can make you look older and also tired, even when you’re feeling healthy and strong. Many people notice their eyebags after a late night out or as they get older, but some people have them for no apparent reason at all. Eyebags are caused by the skin in this area dropping, often due to the formation of fat deposits.

What are Tear Troughs?

Eyebags are directly above the tear troughs. They’re the horizontal lines in this area that go from the top to the bottom of your eyes. The skin between these lines and your eyelids is called the tear trough.

How Do People Get Eyebags and Tear Troughs?

As you age, the skin near your eyes starts to lose its elasticity and ability to hold itself up. The fat in this area is what supports it, so when this fat starts to go away the skin here starts to sag and form wrinkles.

What Aggravates the Appearance of Eyebags and Tear Troughs?

Anything you do that increases pressure around your eyes will cause the skin above them to droop and wrinkle, which makes these problems worse:

-Staring at a computer screen for hours every day 

-Lack of sleep 

-Sinus issues and allergies (this can increase fluid around the eyes) 

-Sun exposure (UV radiation breaks down collagen and elasticity in the skin) 

-Smoking (it decreases oxygen flow to the area) 

-Being overweight (the skin has to support more weight) 

-Excessive alcohol intake (it dehydrates the body and increases fluid retention).

Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatment to Remove Eyebag and Tear Troughs

We have been at the forefront of new technology designed to make people look their best. Here is the best non-invasive eyebag removal treatment that our aesthetic clinic in Singapore can offer:


AGNES RF is an innovative, non-invasive technique that uses radio frequency to tighten the skin under your eyes and reduce fat deposits.

How Does AGNES RF Work?

This treatment uses a micro-insulated needle that is as fine as a ‘mosquito sting’ inserted under the skin. This needle delivers mild heat and radiofrequency to the area below your eyes, which targets and shrinks excess fat deposits in this area. Your body will then metabolize  these fat cells naturally, which will reveal a more youthful looking and firmer skin.

The Benefits of AGNES RF for Eyebag Reduction

The treatment itself causes minimal downtime, so you don’t have to take time off work. It has been FDA approved and is safe for people with sensitive skin types. You’ll see results after one treatment, although a series of regular treatments will give you better long term effects . The results are seen in as early as 2 weeks and you can go back to your normal routine immediately.

What Can You Expect from AGNES RF

Most people only need one session and the results are immediate . However, you will get better long term effects if you choose to undergo a series of treatments. In fact, the number of sessions required is determined by your skin condition and weight. The radiofrequency targets fat cells under the skin in this area for gradual reduction over time. It takes 2 weeks after treatment before you’ll see full results, which continue to improve as your body naturally metabolizes the fat cells that have been targeted.


AGNES RF is one of the most effective treatments for eyebag reduction available today, thanks to its effective targeting of fat deposits under your eyes. It’s also safe and convenient because it doesn’t require downtime. Plus, you can opt for a series of regular treatments if you want to get better long term results.