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How to Make Your Kids First Dental Visit Easy and Stress-free?

A good oral hygiene is important for everyone (i.e. kids and adults both). therefore checking up with your dentist on a regular basis can make things better for you.

As it is said that a good oral hygiene will also help in keeping you healthy overall. Same is with kids, as an early dental check-up can help them to deal with things easily in future.

Having a dental check-up can be traumatic or scary for kids, the first time. Not only them, but we adults too get a bit nervous.

The fear here is mainly because we don’t really know what is going to happen. If you are looking for a good pediatric dentist near you, then you can choose to visit ToniChen DDS Inc.

They have experienced professionals who are trained well and have practiced for about 15 years.

The first step to remove fear is to prepare your kid for their first dental check-up. Here are some steps that you can follow for the same:

  • Commonly, we pass on our fear to our children. So, if you had any bad experiences with your dentist earlier, never speak about it in front of your kids. They can sense your fear. So, just be positive when you speak about it in front of your kids.
  • It is helpful if you found a good dentist who specializes in pediatric dental facilities. They have the expertise and special training from the dental school. They know in and out about child psychology, which helps them deal with kids.
  • Take a tour of the dental office before their appointment day. Let them be familiar with the place. This will make them comfortable. Most of the dental offices encourage kids to visit the place before the big day.
  • One good thing to do is to mention their dental appointment on the same day of their appointment. As we know, hearing the word dentist might make it worse for them. Also, avoid going into details about what the dentist will do. You might scare them with the unwanted words.
  • Let your child watch videos or cartoons about characters who enjoy visiting the dentist’s office. This will bring about positivity in your child about dental appointments and will make them happy.
  • Role play would be a good idea to make them understand their dental visit. You can get a dentist role-play toy and pretend to play a dentist.
  • Most importantly plan a visit to the dentist according to their daily schedule. Mainly after they have had a good nap and after their meal time. Remember, when a kid is hungry or tired, they will be cranky and less likely to enjoy their visit.
  • Make sure that you carry their favourite toy. This will keep them busy while waiting for their appointment.
  • One thing that you can motivate them with is a reward for their good behaviour during the visit. You can promise to give them their favourite toy or a trip to a play area that can be a treat for their good behaviour.

All the above steps can be helpful for your child to make their dental visit stress-free. If you still face problems, then you can ask for help from your dentist, who can help you through this tough phase.