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When is an Emergency Dentist Needed?

Your dentist should be the first person you call when you have a problem with your teeth. What if you have a dental emergency on a weekend or holiday? You will need to see an emergency dentist if you have a serious dental problem not covered by normal hours. Below will help you identify if you should wait for a routine visit or you should go to an emergency dentist.

1. Unexplainable Toothache

Toothaches should not be taken lightly. Toothaches are your body’s signal that something is wrong in your mouth. If you have a sudden, unrelated toothache, consult a qualified emergency dentist who can diagnose the problem and treat it. In between the time, you can get into a dentist, apply a cold compress to the area, rinse with salt water, and use over-the-counter pain medications to relieve discomfort.

2. Swollen or Bleeding Gums

While occasional gum irritation isn’t a sign of a serious problem, bleeding gums, especially when accompanied by pain or swelling, could indicate underlying health issues. It is quite common to have bleeding gums that don’t seem to be caused by anything. If you experience these symptoms, see your dentist immediately.

3. A swollen jaw or mouth

If your jaw or mouth suddenly becomes swollen, it’s time to visit an emergency dentist. There may be an infection, irritation of your lymph nodes, or another reason that needs to be addressed immediately.

4. Exposed Nerves

Exposure to nerves can be a painful experience. Therefore, it would be best if you did not wait to see your dentist. Instead, seek emergency dental care immediately to avoid further nerve damage and infections.

5. Knocked-Out Tooth

Having a tooth knocked out of your jaw can be very shocking by a strong impact. It’s time for you to act. The American Association of Endodontists states that if you act quickly after a tooth is knocked out, your emergency dentist may be able to restore and preserve your tooth. Please pick up the tooth from the top and gently rinse it. Re-insert the tooth into its socket if possible. To increase your chances of saving your tooth, you should place it in a small glass of milk.

6. Broken Crown

Your tooth is exposed if a dental crown falls off or breaks completely. This can lead to infection and further damage. You may be able to avoid a root canal or extraction by scheduling an emergency visit to replace the crown.

7. Tooth Abscess

A dental abscess can be life-threatening and severe. An infection of the tooth can cause severe symptoms such as fever, tooth sensitivity, hot and cold sensitivity, persistent toothache, tender lymph nodes in the neck, swelling, pain in the face, and a bump-like appearance on the gums around the tooth.

Dental emergencies can happen, even if you have a good dental hygiene routine. It is important to act quickly if you are dealing with a serious dental emergency. Vine Street Family Dental can help you, located in Murray, Utah.

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