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Time Period Of The Dental Implant Procedure

Do you have missing or broken teeth? The family dentistry Oshawa may have suggested a dental implant procedure where you will get an implant that appears the same as your natural teeth. If you are considering this procedure but are confused about the total time the procedure will take, we have got you covered. This article is a complete about how long it takes to get dental implants. Here we go! 

Dental Implant: A Brief Introduction

A dental implant is a medical device that places a dental tooth. These are made of materials that are typically titanium or zirconium oxide. These are designed carefully so that they look and feel the same as your natural teeth. The surgeon uses tools that resemble screws to place an implant into the jawbone, which serves as an anchor for a crown—a type of prosthetic tooth.

Total Time Dental Implant Procedure Takes 

1. Dental exam 

Your dentist will conduct a complete examination to assess your mouth condition. This could involve 3D scans as well as X-rays. This phase is essential, even if your dentist is highly experienced with your mouth, to ensure that your gums and jawbone are in good enough condition to sustain an implant and to create a personalized treatment plan.

2. Implant surgery 

Following the completion of the thorough examination, your dentist will arrange for your procedure. The actual first stage in the implant process is surgery. The titanium implant will be inserted by your dentist just below the gum line in your mandible. The average time for this surgery is between one and two hours for each implant. Most dentists will wait around three months after this stage is finished before doing the tooth replacement’s final restoration. Although it may seem annoying, the healing phase is crucial to the success of the dental implant process. Allow sometime after the procedure to heal it completely. 

3. Post-surgery recovery 

Some patients will first have discomfort, bruising, or swelling following surgery. This may vary based on the amount of work required by your dentist to install the implant, particularly if a tooth extraction is necessary. It’s critical to note the interval of time between your implant surgery and crown fitting. How long that takes will depend on how well your bones and gums heal. Usually, this healing process takes three months.

Wrapping Up 

Getting a dental implant is a complicated procedure. Get in touch with expert professionals for the best results.