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What is Carbon Laser and How Can It Help Clear Your Skin?

Have you heard about Carbon Laser Peel and are curious what it may do for you? That’s the purpose of this blog post: to explain what Carbon Laser therapy is, how it functions, and what advantages you may anticipate. Continue reading to learn more!

What Exactly Is Carbon Laser Therapy?

Carbon Laser is also known as Carbon Laser Facial or Carbon Laser Peel. This therapy is famous among celebs and lends to its other moniker, “Red Carpet Laser,” since it gives quick luminosity and brilliant effects without downtime.

This natural and scientifically proven remedy offers the best of both worlds. Carbon is an organic component known for its capacity to absorb pollutants, while the Q-switched laser, a contemporary technological wonder, rejuvenates your skin.

The Carbon Laser therapy purifies and exfoliates your skin, eliminating stubborn oil and pollutants that cause or worsen acne and degrade your look. Eliminating dead skin cells promotes the creation of healthy new skin, giving the skin a more even and radiant tone.

How is Carbon Laser Facial Done?

After removing make-up with a gentle cleanser, we begin by degreasing the skin with a moderate alcohol swab to enable for greater laser penetration. The Q-switch laser is then used to clear surface dirt and open skin pores. After that, a thin coating of carbon paste is placed uniformly across the treated region. After the carbon particles have dried, another pass using the Q-switch laser drives them further into the pores and skin. Then the excess sebum and other pollutants from deep inside the skin are absorbed by the activated carbon, where normal face wash and scrubs cannot reach. A final and final run through the Q-switch with another setting disintegrates and targets the carbon particles and contaminants absorbed.

Your skin is exfoliated and thoroughly washed at this step. The laser’s heat radiation stimulates collagen formation, which improves dermal structures, leading to a more even, healthier, and young-looking skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Carbon Laser Peel?

Benefits are immediately noticeable – You will observe results from the initial session and greater improvements with future appointments. To attain and retain the greatest results, most of our clients repeat Carbon Laser therapy once every 4 to 6 weeks, or shortly before an important occasion.

Minimal downtime – Because Carbon Laser therapy is minimally invasive, you recover fast and are immediately ready to face life with glowing skin. Some consumers may suffer moderate redness following the session, which will go away in one or two days. Prior to the procedure, our cosmetic doctor would examine your skin and might even test the laser on a tiny area to establish the best setting.

All types of skin are safe – A Carbon Laser therapy is safe for all types of skin. Because of the absorptive properties of the carbon, it is especially suitable for individuals with congested or oily skin. A carbon laser peel therapy may assist women, men, and young people.

Carbon Laser therapy may address a variety of skin issues, including uneven skin tone and texture, dull lifeless skin, congestion and acne, sun-damaged skin, open pores, and hyperpigmentation.

What Can We Expect?

Carbon laser face treatment is a quick and painless process. There is no downtime with laser carbon peels. It’s a multi-step procedure that normally takes 30 to 45 minutes from beginning to end. Patients are typically anticipated to receive 3 to 5 treatments over the course of 2 to 3 months, with a 6-month booster carbon laser face treatment.

Following the process, the skin would appear and feel instantaneously smoother and refreshed. Furthermore, since carbon laser face treatment is a non-invasive and painless process with little downtime, you may resume your daily activities immediately.