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How Alcohol and Dementia Are Interrelated?

Prolonged consumption of alcohol leads to dementia, which includes memory loss of a specific event or a specific phase of life, or may be permanent memory loss. People, who are addicted to alcohol, may face some sort of dementia.

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Various malfunctioning of brain is collectively called dementia. It includes memory loss and degeneration of calculative abilities. These are continuous and irreversible.

Several Forma OfDementia

  • Alzheimer’s disease – It is the most common type of dementia, and especially found in old peoples. It is developed in association with various types of brain changes, which includes pathological and hormonal change.
  • Front temporal Dementia – It is more frequent than Alzheimer’s disease, and it affects specifically people under the age of 60. It develops due to abnormal development of proteins in the brain, it is neurodegenerative.
  • Lewy Body Dementia –Abnormal deposits of a type of protein known as lewy protein leads to the formation of lewy body dementia.
  • Vascular Dementia – Damaged blood vessels or irregular blood flow in the brain leads to vascular dementia.
  • Mixed Dementia – When different type of dementia forms in a collective way, such dementia is termed as mixed dementia.

Effects Of Alcohol On Memory

There are several ways alcohol affects the memory of a person, they are:

  • Short Term Memory Loss – Excessive alcohol drinking leads to forget key details, which in general term termed as blackout. This situation ranges from minor to acute. Alcohol affects the hippocampus and disrupts the synergy, and slows down the nerve functioning over there, and ultimately leading to short term memory loss. Even if normal nerve functioning in the hippocampus slows down, memory loss occurs.
  • Long Term Memory Loss – Prolonged use of excessive alcohol damages the nerve functioning in the hippocampus. Alcohol addicts are mostly vitamin b-1 deficient, this vitamin is essential in providing nutrition to brain and nerve cells. The deficiency of vitamin b-1 leads to permanent memory loss. (WKS) is a type of long term dementia caused due to prolonged alcohol abuse.

Symptoms Of Alcohol Abused Dementia

  • Not remembering about recent conversations with other people
  • Being in a confused state of mind always
  • Attention deficiency
  • Impossible recalling those incidents, which were done during drinking
  • Difficulty learning new skills
  • Frequently asking same question repeatedly
  • Emotional and behavioral changes like being angry, frustrated, confused, etc.


There are multiple treatments for those who are facing alcohol abused dementia and these are:

  • Thiamine supplementation or intravenous(IV) thiamine
  • Personalized and specific treatment for alcohol related disorder in specific centers
  • Alzheimer’s medications work prominently on people with alcohol abused dementia

Excess consumption of alcohol is life threatening, as it primarily affects our memory and along with other body parts too. Taking specific treatment at the right time is the only cure for this issue, with utter care and support.