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Treat Your Respiratory Allergies with Medicinal Properties of Tiger Milk Mushroom

Many strains of mushrooms were traditionally used by the tribal communities for their healing properties. Tiger milk mushroom is one of those strains that have medicinal properties for which it was first used approximately 400 years ago. 

Traditionally, people believed that this mushroom used to grow in the soil enriched by the milk of the mother tiger. The white color and milky taste of its sclerotium gave valuation to their beliefs and hence, this specific mushroom strain was named Tiger Milk Mushroom. 

You can get discounts on Tiger Milk Mushroom price at Nutrizus especially if you buy a 2 or 3 months supply from them. It is a Singapore-based company that follows strict quality control during the entire process of making these supplements right from selecting the desired genes to packaging the final product ready to be sold to their customers in Singapore and some other parts of the world. 

This mushroom belongs to the lingzhi family of fungi and is kept in many homes in Malaysia, China, and Singapore as their go-to treatment for common respiratory ailments like cold and cough. 

Science-backed healing properties of tiger milk mushroom

Although holistic healers have listed many benefits of this mushroom supplement in improving our immune and respiratory health, there are also many scientific studies and clinical trials that the supplement can be beneficial to our health in many ways. 

In a 220019 study on Malaysian residents complaining of Asthma, the Tiger Milk Mushroom supplement provided cough relief, lowered inhaler dependence in asthmatics, and provided relief from chronic joint pain in 75% of patients who participated in the study. 

Overall, tiger milk mushroom is known to:

  • Soothe the airways for people suffering from inflammation of the respiratory tract. 
  • Relax the muscles of the airways by reducing inflammation and hence, improving breathing quality.
  • The beta-Glucan present in the tiger milk mushrooms regulates the immune system and hence, recovery from many diseases and allergies becomes easier. 
  • Reduce free radicals and cellular damage, thus, prevents premature aging. 
  • Relief allergy symptoms and provide relief from sinusitis. 
  • Provide a good anti-microbial action against lung diseases. 

This mushroom supplement cleanses the inflamed cells, acts as a detoxifier for the respiratory system, soothes the inflamed membranes and muscles, and improves immune health. 

Use of Tiger milk mushroom during the covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 causes an increase in inflammatory markers in most people who have to deal with a moderate to severe form of this disease. People who are already suffering from chronic inflammation due to higher oxidative stress in their bodies find it difficult to fight the disease and succumb to the infection. 

This is why herbs and supplements that provide a boost to our immune health and reduce inflammation are now becoming popular. Tiger milk mushrooms can also help people with the respiratory symptoms of covid-19 because of their bronchorelaxation causing properties, thus, relaxing the airways and allowing a patient to breathe easily. 

Although, there are many science-backed advantages of Tiger Milk Mushroom, do not try to treat yourself at home if you show any symptoms of the covid-19 disease. Get tested and contact a medical professional before taking any supplements.