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What happens if you drink alcohol after Covid vaccine?

Did you know that consuming alcohol after receiving an injection of COVID-19 vaccine can be harmful to yourself. Excessive drinking without proper control which more than usual amounts can cause alcohol to interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccine inside the body. Find out more about what will happen if you drink alcohol after being vaccinated !

COVID-19 Vaccine ?

Every vaccine has their own mechanism in defending your body by developing the immunity which protects yourself from the complication of COVID-19 virus. For your information, the vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna use the technology of messenger RNA (mRNA) to enhance the immune response in the body. Then the mRNA will act by stimulating your cells to produce proteins. The production of this protein will cause your body to produce a type of antibody which is able to fight against the COVID-19 virus aggressively. It is very important to take this vaccine as COVID-19 infection can cause more severe complications which will burden your physical and mental health.

Can We Drink Alcohol Before and After COVID-19 Vaccination?

Further research on the COVID-19 vaccine is still in progress although some vaccines have already been given to communities around the world. Information about the effect of alcohol on the effectiveness of this vaccine is still unclear. However, some experts from around the world have raised out their insights based on the  previous information that they have.

According to medical experts in Russia and the United Kingdom, they emphasize that individuals should avoid the consumption of alcohol for a while before and after receiving COVID-19 vaccine injections.

Meanwhile, health experts in America state that the consumption of alcohol in small quantities is allowed and will not affect the immune response in the body. However, excessive consumption of alcohol at a time should be avoided because it can lead to physical harm.

 A Doctor of Philosophy who is an immunologist at Manchester University, United Kingdom, suggests that each individual should stop consuming alcohol for a few days before and after the injection. According to him, everyone needs to ensure that the immune system in the body is in a good condition in order to produce a positive response to the vaccination.

Medical officers in Russia have urged that individuals who will receive the COVID-19 vaccine should stop drinking alcohol for 2 months to ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine in developing immunity against the virus.

Why Do You Need To Avoid Drinking Alcohol ?

Drinking alcohol more than the normal average at a time is categorized as dangerous and can affect the normal function of the body. When the alcohol is consumed in large volume, it will disrupt the immune system in the human body. This can be seen when many immune cells function abnormally, at the same time an increase of inflammation occurs throughout the body especially in the liver and heart as a result from the excessive alcohol intake. Alcohol addiction can harm your body and affect your health in the long run

According to the Specialist of Immunology and Microbiology at Loyola University, he reminds everyone that excessive alcohol intake should be avoided throughout the vaccination process. Although there are no specific studies or facts about the effects of alcohol on the COVID-19 vaccine, there are several previous studies showing that alcohol can affect a person’s immune system and response to the vaccine. He said, generally drinking alcohol should be avoided at least a week before the first dose injection and a month after the second dose injection.


Consumption of large amounts of alcohol not only affects the ability of the vaccine, but also affects the normal functions of the other organs. Consumption and drinking of alcohol should be avoided to ensure that the injections given can work effectively in the prevention of the viral outbreaks. Never consume alcohol without seeking advice from a doctor.