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How Reliable Are Covid-19 Rapid Test for Detecting Omicron?

How much trust should you place on the rapid antigen test results? This is a question that many people are asking, especially with recent research and anecdotes suggesting that these tests might be less sensitive than omicron. Researchers are quickly trying to determine what is going on and how to improve these tests.

The difference now with omicron is that it has caused many people to experience symptoms early in an infection. This is happens before doing the antigen tests . There are many cases of people who have symptoms of COVID-19 and then test negative for the disease. Then they eventually test positive.

The most popular method of diagnosing infections in the Omicron variant surge was the Coronavirus test that uses lateral flow technology. However, scientists and public health professionals are still unsure if the test is as reliable in detecting.

Researchers in the US conducted a small study and found that Omicron cases were detected by the widely used rapid antigen tests BinaxNOW and QuidelQuickVue. However, these two seemed to lag a few days in detecting the new variant. This was discovered after many infected people continued to have negative test results while receiving a positive one with a PCR test.

These reports are puzzling because it would seem that if you have symptoms, the virus levels would be high enough for a rapid test. However, this is not how it works. Different laboratory tests and research are being done to understand what’s going on to know the exact reason for this kind of report.

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