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Is non-surgical hair treatment permanent?

Are you afraid to go through the pain of surgical hair treatments? Well, there are non-surgical hair replacement methods. Keep reading to know more.

Why do people opt for non-surgical hair treatments?

There are common side-effects for surgical treatment. These side effects may include pain, swelling, itching, or in many cases, hair loss. However, when you opt for non-surgical hair replacement treatments, they are safe and effective compared to surgical treatments.

What is the right time to opt for non-surgical hair replacement?

You can opt for non-surgical hair replacement when you suffer from any medical issues that may hinder the surgical procedure. Apart from this, your age and time factor also have a significant role in deciding whether you should opt for non-surgical hair treatment.

The right time to opt for non-surgical hair replacement is when you are young and in an earlier stage of hair loss. There are various non-surgical hair treatments that you can opt for; some of these treatments include:

1] Medications: If you have a loss of hair, then your doctor will prescribe medications like Minoxidil to help stimulate hair growth. With the use of such medication, you may not need to opt for surgical treatments.

2] Wigs: You can opt for wigs as non-surgical treatment options. Make a positive difference in patients. Many patients find wigs and hairpieces help boost their self-esteem and are easy to maintain.

3] Laser Hair Therapy: This is the most effective type of non-surgical hair replacement. This treatment involves a process in which laser light stimulates follicles and makes hair grow longer and thicker. It is a painless procedure that takes a maximum of half an hour. The hair that grows back after this treatment is more nourished and healthier.

4] Combs and helmets: Combs and helmets prevent your locks from breakage and damage by harsh weather conditions.

5] Micro-needling: It is a process that helps in new hair growth. You can do micro-needling with a derma roller at home without any professional help.

6] Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy: This treatment boosts the production of blood cells. A small amount of your blood will be collected in a syringe and put under low-intensity shock waves. Your plasma will be separated from the platelets. Apply this plasma mixture to the hair follicles.

7] Nutrient Deficiency Therapy: If you have nutrient deficiency, it can cause hair damage. You may opt for supplements or foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals to improve your hair quality.

8] Hair weaving: This treatment involves taking natural hair from one part of the head and transplanting them onto other parts of the scalp where there is hair loss. Hair weaving makes the head look natural and thick.

9] New hair treatmentThis bio-engineered hair treatment uses natural and bio-preserved molecular growth factors to regenerate the stem cells of new hair. When you opt for bio-engineered treatment which has bio-preserved polypeptides plant plasma, it promises to last longer than other bioengineered treatments. It is non-surgical, offers no side-effects, has a fast recovery time, and does not require additional maintenance.

Why opt for a new hair treatment?

New hair treatment helps to regenerate new biological cells using cell regeneration technology. It is an advanced technology that makes use of bio-preserved polypeptides plant plasma. The new hair treatment helps to rejuvenate and stimulate the root of your hair follicles. With this, you can expect healthier new hair growth without any allergic reactions or side effects. It is one of the best non-surgical hair treatment options available in the market.

The new hair growth serum has plant plasma polypeptide with growth factors, copper, tripeptide, thymisine, essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Each of these ingredients helps in new hair growth. The new hair growth serum is manufactured with high-end technology based on cutting-edge scientific findings and cellular regeneration. The formulation of the product will help you get rid of all your balding woes and enhance new hair growth.

While there are many other options available in the market for you to choose from, you must consider going for a new hair treatment!

Can a non-surgical method help us permanently stop our hair fall or hair loss?

Non-surgical options help to stimulate your hair regrowth. Non-surgical hair treatment methods can show visible results in the first few months of treatment. Hair fall or hair loss can be due to genetics, hormonal changes, aging, poor nutrition, stress, etc. Non-surgical hair treatments can boost your chances of growing natural hair and slow down the process of discomfort that follows hair shedding.

For more information, you visit your nearest hair clinic.