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Management of anger – A topic suffering negligence in intervention

Patients with addictive disorders are the ones who suffer from the anger issues. In substance abuse intervention, anger plays an utmost important role. Knowingly or unknowingly, this topic has never got importance in the intervention or recovery. Anger co-exist with the usage of substance or substance abuse. Although, whether it is person-directed violence or behavioral, it completely varies from the patient to patient. As per the data by some well known research society, more than 45% heroin users get engage in one or another kind of violence.

Anger generation can happen after the substance abuse or anger can also be the cause of this abuse generation. For example, people who suffer from traumatic events or who experience violence, are at high risk of developing addiction.

In developed countries, more 40 million people are suffering from the substance abuse or some kind of dependence. Certain cause of such addiction are mentioned below.

  1. Financial problems
  2. Accidents
  3. Anxiety
  4. Depression
  5. Aggression
  6. Domestic violence
  7. Loss of child’s custody
  8. Job loss

Do you know, only a handful of addicts know that there is an underlying problem with the name of ‘Anger’. Ergo, they do not ask for the help with the anger problem. More often than not, the most common cause of substance abuse is anger problem.

Although, anger is not the problem but when we do not know how to manage the anger, we tend to keep that burning anger inside which ultimately results in the reliance on the substance and their abuse. So, here comes the recovery centres who can help you with the anger when drinking abuse. There are countless number of recovery centres who keep mushrooming in their numbers with day by day. So, recovery centres can act as the heroes for your anger management with the services they provide. Do you know, majority of the addicts drop their habits and attain a healthy lifestyle just because of the recovery centres. So, if you are from the league of people who are the prey of substance abuse, should get the help from the recovery therapies.